At home meditation exercises you can do RIGHT NOW!

Home!  There’s no place like home. 


What is an at-home meditation practice?   This is a practice that you take out of the classroom and apply at-home.

Many people are really challenged with starting or maintaining an at-home meditation practice.


 The simplest way to start is…START!


Carve out 5 minutes, or when you can, up to 60 minutes of time for yourself to relax, breathe and meditate.  

Find a quiet place – a chair, or couch (please don’t lie down on your bed, that signals your brain and body to sleep.  That is not the intent of these exercises.)


Let’s begin:


Just sit there and breathe!!


Take easy, effortless breaths in through your nose and out through your nose.


Since most likely you are still breathing pretty quickly, SLOW IT DOWN!


Let go of those 50,000 thoughts you have a day. They will be there when you get back!



*Ocean Breath – Continue breathing in through your nose and let the air come out the back of your throat through you open mouth. This will sound like the ocean tide coming in and out.



Deep Breathing – In breath for slow a count of 5, out breath for a slow count of 5.



4 Count Breath – Breathe in slowly through the nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breath out for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4.



Exercises for Releasing Emotions:


Proven to release oxytocin – the feel good hormone, and to positively affect the Amygdala in the brain.  


We are going to work with the breath to RELEASE these emotions.   Things may come up for you and that is perfectly fine.  Just allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgement.  

If you get a little lightheaded that is ok.  If you get dizzy please stop and return to an easy in through the nose and out through the nose breath.


 Impatience – breathe out “HAWWWW” silently and slowly with open mouth.


 Worry – breathe out “WHOOOOOO” silently and slowly like an owl.


 Sadness or Depression – “SSSSSSSS” – through the teeth, like steam escaping.


 Fear – with rounded lips as if blowing out a candle with a long exhale.


 Anger – “SHHHHHHH” – slowly with a long breath out.



SMILE THERAPY: Sit still and curl the corners of your mouth up in a little smile.  Breathe slowly and naturally in through your nose and out through your nose. Picture the Mona Lisa or the Buddha. This releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Stay here for a few minutes or until you feel complete.


Happy person stance:

Stand up, hands on the hips, one foot planted firmly under you and one foot in front of you. Grounded in the now and also with one foot ahead of you in the future or whatever is coming next. It’s a confidence stance. Hold it there for a few moments, just breathe naturally and deeply.


Rub your hands together quickly for a minute to bring you back from your meditations, breathing in and out at an easy pace; neither too deep nor too shallow. You may feel tingling in your hands and arms.


Now shake your hands and arms. 


Remember this nice, relaxed feeling!


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