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Biography of a life well lived.



What does a biography say about a person?  

First of all, a biography is not the sum total of a person’s life.  

However, a biography IS a good overall picture of a life well lived.  

KaZ  began studying meditation and Kundalini yoga in 1991 with two teachers trained by Yogi Bhajan.  She personally attended Yogi Bhajan’s teachings frequently over three years. Because of those studies, KaZ certified as a teacher in meditation.

It is relevant to point out that during this time she began to add Qigong into her personal practice, and, subsequently certified as a Qigong Instructor through Long White Cloud Qigong.  She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

KaZ has been teaching meditation in person throughout North America for 23 years. She also teaches internationally online.  Her students are from all walks of life and of all ages.  




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Pretty Remarkable!

KaZ has performed as a singer, dancer and actor off-Broadway, on television, and in films. Other work is in commercials, theme parks, and on tours.  She also worked as a choreographer, artistic director, casting director, documentary consulting producer, writer and television producer.  Her most exciting work was as a stunt woman, circus artist, and professional water skier. She taught workshops on innovative television production at Vancouver Film School and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television US and Canada.  


KaZ has had 3 CDs produced.  They are Spirit Oasis,  Don’t Try This At Home, and All That KaZ.  Several cuts on the CDs have received awards.  Spirit Oasis is a meditative CD and is available on iTunes, CDBaby and  

Outside of Entertainment

KaZ has co-owned 2 restaurants, a cinema and a fitness center.  She managed 3 holistic bed and breakfast retreats.     

She has worked as a special events coordinator and an events host.


Studies and Training 

KaZ studied theater, dance, and musical theater at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Additional studies were at SUNY Brockport, SUNY Purchase and Akron University.   She has also been under the tutelage of a long list of choreographers, dance companies, stunt coordinators and directors.

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