Qigong? What the heck is Qigong and how do you do it?


Qigong – one stop for mind, body and spirit.


Qigong?  What is that?


If you haven’t heard of it, it’s time that you did.   One word is going to change your entire life forever.  Without a doubt, it changed mine.


Anyone who is introduced to Qigong never forgets it.


It means “energy work”.  It is an ancient Chinese energy practice, and focuses on the internal and external body.


Qigong addresses the organs and the meridians.  It also nurtures the joints, and muscles. Furthermore, it supports the tendons and ligaments.  AND if that isn’t enough to convince you to try it, it also addresses the emotions!


Meridians run throughout the body.  Energy is moved and strengthened along these meridians.   This provides stimulation and relaxation to the body.


Acupuncture also works with the meridians.  Needles are placed in certain points or energy centers on the body along the meridians.


With movements and breath you do the exact same thing; and without any pain!!!


What is so great about Qigong?


Did you know that Qigong is the mother/father of Tai Chi?  There are many similarities between the two.


This practice brings movement, meditation and breath together. You enjoy a comprehensive healing, strengthening, and conditioning practice.  The added bonus is a relaxing, and awakening experience.


Skill and achievement develop through a regular and disciplined practice. It is NOT hard to establish this type of practice.


It is an easy-to-do practice.  No strenuous cardio exercise. No competitive stretching.  AND no weights are necessary. The only weight you use is your own body weight.


Hours in the gym are a thing of the past.  There is no impact on the body.


This is a practice that moves forward with you.   You take it with you for as long as you live!


The body is slowly conditioned for movement and exercises without undue strain or stress on the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.


I teach my students to blend movement, breath and  meditation in a simple format.


Some students prefer to take consistent classes that build on one another.


Other students drop in to classes as their schedule permits.


Each class works well as a stand-alone class or to build a foundation and practice.


Classes are taught in-person and via SKYPE.  YES! you CAN learn Qigong movement, Qigong meditation and Qigong breath in-person and online in real time.  It is up to you what you prefer.


Qigong teachers are hard to find!


That is specifically why I took my long-term practice and became certified to teach.


I want to provide this practice to as many people as possible.


I look forward to teaching YOU!



For information or to support our work:

Call:  904-601-CALM

Email: missionmeditationandqigong@kazakers.com

SKYPE: kaz.akers




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