I Am Not Invisible.

I am not invisible.
I am skin and bones.
Flesh and feelings.
I am tooth and nail.
You exist because I exist.
Experience from chosen and inherited exploits.
I may be grey but I cannot be red-lined.
I still move with sinewy precision in mind and body.
Your jokes and taunts deter me not.
The rubbish heap of your generational prejudice
holds no sway to my determination and grit.
Maturity is an art form.
I am past knee jerk and conclusions jumped to.
Time may be on your side but infinite patience is on mine.
I’ve seen the outcomes of decades of decisions.
Fair weather fragments fade into indelible brain tangles.
Let’s not speak of lessons learned but lives lived.
Each to their own lessons.
Flailing youthful energetic enthusiasm transitions.
When you laugh at me you laugh at yourself twenty years hence.
The evolution of existence has been cherry-picked
to elevate early essence.
Paths are forged by previous participants.
We are the building blocks of our predecessors…
and our successors.

©. KaZ Akers