Radical Writing With KaZ
Radical Meditation With KaZ

Two podcasts for the price of one…FREE!! 

My love of writing and writers, and my love of meditation and teaching meditation kept gnawing at me to make two podcasts.

My newly inspired writing podcast- Radical Writing – addresses being fearless in our writing.  To write from the heart. To follow some rules, and break others and make a difference. That is what makes masterpieces large and small. 

My meditation podcast – Radical Meditation – in the same vein addresses what meditation looks like for each individual who seeks to practice it.  Meditation is not one-size-fits all. In some ways we each need our own meditation “prescription” to find what works for us.  I will do some meditation myth busting and sometimes break the meditation mold. BUT I will help you find what WORKS for you!

Whether I am targeting writers (and at some time we all have to write for our profession or our creativity) with Radical Writing, or those seeking a little peace and contentment (and, really, who isn’t?) with Radical Meditation, I think you will find some eye-opening ideas from both podcasts. 

Thanks for listening!

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