Radical Poetry Writing

My newly inspired writing podcast- Radical Poetry Writing – addresses being fearless in our poetry writing.  To write from the heart. To follow some rules, break others, and to resurrect forms of poetry that may have become more obscure.  But that doesn’t mean those forms aren’t important, valuable, necessary, highly creative AND make a BIG difference in the world of poetry and writing.

All masterpieces large and small. 

Whether I am highlighting  specific writers (that could be YOU) with Radical Poetry Writing, or sharing my own work, I think you will find many eye-opening pieces.

Look for Free Verse, Dada, Found poetry, Rhyme, no rhyme, Concrete, Ekphrastic, Haiku, Ode, Ballad, Blank Verse…it depends on what strikes my fancy. Most are non-conforming and make a statement. 

I am particularly fond of Dada, Found poetry, Didactic, and Free Verse.

Thanks for listening!

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