All Good Things Come To An End.

My podcast, which ran for over 2 1/2 years, focused solely on poetry and writing. It was so much fun to do. I loved planning for it and recording it, regardless how many listeners.  Even one listener made it worth it.  

I’ve been thinking about doing a new, more diverse, more widely relatable podcast. But I want it to be on what I KNOW, have a focused interest, education and maybe some expertise. That could include a few subjects.

This isn’t goodbye to podcasting, it’s a recapitulation and expansion. Do I wish to talk about one thing or the world of things I love?  That became easier and easier to answer. 

You can still access my poetry and writing podcast for a few more weeks. I’m very grateful to all my listeners. I look forward to connecting with many more. I think you will like the next phase. It’s not only about my writing, it’s about LIFE! See you again soon!  


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