Singsong Crows and Alphabet Soup

Currently my podcast is the namesake of my newly published poetry book:  Singsong Crows and Alphabet Soup. ©

It’s my love letter to poetry and how much words and poetry matter.

The world wouldn’t be what it is without poetry. 

Good poetry, like a good, catchy song, can change how we look at things and how we think about things.

Dedication to all types of poetry, plus, keeping poetry alive and thriving is my mission. 

Good poetry takes time, talent and dedication. It’s hard work.

This podcast will examine obscure and traditional poetry, plus words and how we use them  – the good and the not-so-good – the professional, personal, proper, prosaic and slang of it all. 

You might say poetry is subjective and I wouldn’t totally disagree.  How I interpret a poem may be totally different from how someone else interprets it and THAT’S OK!

Poetry can still be well-crafted and poorly crafted. 

Poetry is ART. Help keep it alive and thriving. 

You will find my podcast HERE:

Singsong Crows And Alphabet Soup The Podcast.