If you are breathing, you can meditate!

Real World Meditation

                            MACHU PICCHU!

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BREATHE!   If you are breathing, you can meditate!  


My easy, accessible, breath meditation techniques are based on Qigong and include Kundalini exercises.


I am a certified Master meditation teacher, a certified Qigong teacher and a certified Reiki Master teacher. 


What’s Qigong?  


It’s the mother of Tai Chi.  An energy movement, breath, and meditation modality.



 Hit the exercise tab above.  Try a them and feel how easy and relaxing they are.  


I typically go to the communities and to facilities to teach classes, workshops, and seminars.  

I am also available one-on-one and via SKYPE, Facetime, and Duo

ANYWHERE in the world. 


In addition to my  teaching I am forming a non-profit to provide meditation and Qigong to at-risk, high need, under-served,

veteran and correctional communities FOR FREE!    

Here’s an AMAZING testimonial: 


“I feel I should tell you that you figured prominently in my hours of greatest need and pain while I was hospitalized. It was a sudden, shocking, dangerous surgery during which I lost most of my own blood. But I kept hearing you say calming, meditative things. I focused away from what was scaring and hurting me, and just tapped into your energy with every ounce of strength I could muster. It brought forward a thought~ as much as I was begging to pass on to the next Life, there were other patients in the same hospital fighting to take each breath, fighting to live, and it gave me perspective. I never believed our friendship could be of such incredible value to me after 40 years of knowing you. I am not the same person on this side of the experience.”

Michael Brooks, actor, singer, survivor, friend.


Here is one more humbling testimonial:

“…this is a wonderful service, much demand, fantastic potential and you’re the one to make it happen!” Jane Corcoran, New York Non-Profit Development Group. 501(c)(3)

Teaching 23 years AND COUNTING!


CONTACT:  904-601-CALM or kaz@kazakers.com



I am not a doctor, RN, psychiatrist, therapist, psychologist, or veterinarian.   I am a certified meditation master, Reiki master and Qigong teacher. The information on this website is for your personal use AND it does not substitute for advice from a medical professional or practitioner.  It is purely for your use at your own discretion.  It may not be duplicated, or sold. Speak with your medical practitioner or professional before you change, start, stop or alter any healthcare practices. Viewing on-line information may be helpful but cannot replace medical diagnosis or treatment from a qualified healthcare professional. The contents can be entertaining and enlightening, depending on what you are looking for: so take what you need and leave the rest.