Non-Profit for Today’s World. That’s Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3)!

 Non-profit meditation

Non-profit organizations get things done!  

Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3) is a non-profit organization with a heart.

 Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3)serves at-risk, high need, under-served, veteran, youth and correctional communities.

As a matter of fact, this service is FREE of charge to these communities. Yes, FREE! 

Organizations serving our communities have very limited expendable funds.

Making healing modalities available is the #1 priority for Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3)

Everyone knows what it feels like to need to relax, and have some peace.  There are time we can’t afford to spend money for things like meditation classes, a massage and tai chi class.   We need that money to put a roof over our heads, food on the table and pay our bills. Now those services are available without sacrificing basic needs!

 Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3) provides free meditation and mindfulness classes through donations, grants and targeted fundraising.

So what does this mean in the big picture?  

It means communities without expendable income benefit from these healing practices.  

Is there any concrete science or medical evidence behind this?

Meditation is medically proven to enhance brain function, especially in the amygdala.  It calms the nerves and reduces stress.  In addition, meditation counteracts the release of cortisol; the fight or flight hormone.  Not to mention, brain scans of brains affected by meditation show increased brain health.   A healthy brain is a positive brain.  Brain health is a major contributor to longevity.  As a matter of fact, healthy brain cells help ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What about Qigong?

 Qigong (meaning Energy Work) is moving meditation.  What is better for those who are challenged with sitting still for any length of time?

Still need convincing?

Here is what one non-profit has to say about Mission Meditation and Qigong 501(c)(3) and KaZ Akers:  

” …this is a wonderful service, much demand, fantastic potential and you’re the one to make it happen!”  Jane Corcoran, New York Non-Profit Development Group  501 (c)(3)




For information or to support our work:

 904-601-CALM or