The Riverwalk Players, Riverwalk, New Orleans. Spanish Web

I encourage, mentor, consult and guide people to live a more realized life. 

I say: GO GET IT! If I can do all the things I’ve done, you can, too.

You’ve got questions, I’ve got ideas for you!

Sea World Water Ski Team Member

I’m a “cheerleader” for people and their dreams and creative obsessions.  

An obsession isn’t always a bad thing. 

It’s the confidence in your talents and knowledge about what you can achieve.  

It’s not unhealthy. It’s focused and has a kind of certainty in your abilities.

Are you a young person starting to find out what you love and what you do well?  

Are you in mid-life, ready to or needing to make a change in a new direction?  

Are you older and KNOW you have more of life to experience, more to give and to do?


Leading Meditation Workshop, Palm Springs, California

I’m a former professional stunt person, circus artist, water skier, singer, dancer, actor, television producer, 

creative director in theater, choreographer, stunt coach, and entrepreneur.

I co-owned two restaurants, a television production company, a fitness center, a cinema and renovated homes for profit. 

The Galley Bistro and Cinema, Bowen Island, British Columbia. Co-owner
The Stonehouse English Pub, Schwarz Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Investor
The Gym, Bowen Island, British Columbia. Partner and Trainer

I’m also a multi-published author, a professional voiceover artist, host, interviewer 

and a 6-time certified meditation master and third level Qigong master. 

For voice over samples, please visit the tab above. 

Qigong on St. Augustine Beach, St. Augustine, Florida
Meditation, Machu Picchu, Peru

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