One Reader has called Drink Nature “EXTRAORDINARY!”
“You’re such a beautiful writer! I’m a big fan of yours. And the poem you wrote about Flowing… and asking ourselves the ? of who do we want to be and SEEING her resonated so deeply within me. Thank you.” 
Pirie Grossman – Jones – Ted Talk speaker, best selling author.
“If you liked KaZ’s first book, you will LOVE “Drink Nature”. It has SO MUCH HEART!  I love that it pointedly focuses on nature.” S.R.
“I love that you have harnessed your love for nature.”  M.B.
“I couldn’t wait to read your book and I LOVED IT!
The photographs accompanying the poems really compliment each other. I love the haikus and that there’s a Dada sound poem in there. ‘Nature Doesn’t Give a Damn’ and ‘Mother of Nature’ really stood out to me, they’re blunt, but also the cold hard truth. I also really liked how the book closes with ‘Staring At The Sky’, it’s very poignant, but it also feels like a beginning as well as an ending – and that photograph is so sweet, those paws are so cute!”  Artist Maggie Wong
Singsong Crows and Alphabet Soup is a HIT!
“You’ll see yourself in there.”
 “A love letter to life.”
“…a tasty dish.” 
“Heart Opening.” 
“Poems for our times.”
“More than poetry.” 
“Accessible to the non-poet.” 
“Fresh air.”