Dance With Adam Ant

When I grow up
I won’t grow old.
I’ll grow strong.
I’ll grow bold.
I’ll say thank you when someone
says something nice.
I’ll smile, flip my hair
and won’t think twice.
It’s nice to be humble,
but there’s nothing wrong with proud.
Humble keeps you grounded,
with no need to please the crowd.
I’ve got to say
that yesterday
I downplayed my worth.
There’s nothing wrong
with loving your talents by birth.
Jealousy and envy may have gotten you down.
Just keep doing what you’re doing,
it’s crucial you stick around.
We take it all so seriously
and serious doesn’t last.
Grasping, groping, numbing, doping
is a check you can’t cash.
Ask me what I want to do
there won’t be a rant.
all I want to do is
dance with Adam Ant.


© KaZ Akers