Marauding My Dreams

Never stopped
being in love
with what we were.
A memory.
a fantasy,
So long ago.
and places
and people
Roads diverged
after the intensity
of youth.
The ecstasy of discovery.
No limits.
Love full out
in the blush of springtide.
Burning so hot.
Both it scorched.
All this time still
a flash
in a dream
in a thought.
It disturbs my sleep.
For what purpose?
I am only a shadow of she.
You are only a memory of he.
A lifetime ago
still marauding my dreams.
After so many roads,
Still not enough.
It isn’t real.
It’s just a memory,
a fantasy
of what was.
What is no more.
Marauding my dreams.


 © KaZ  Akers