My Son Saved My Life.

I look forward to seeing what the next generations do for themselves, us and our country in the coming years. (In this case our “countries” since my son and I are Canadian American.)

However, this story is about the life my son saved when he was 14.

It was mine.

I don’t mean it figuratively or as a “saying”. I mean, he ACTUALLY saved my life.

It was because of his quick thinking that I’m here today.

Here’s what happened:

I was very active in health and fitness. At that time I was dedicated to fitness for myself and for others.

I ate right, exercised 6 days a week to my optimum level, took supplements as needed, and meditated.

I was doing EVERYTHING right.


I was in the kitchen of the townhouse my son and I shared. He was watching television in the adjacent living room.

I had finished my workout and was eating my morning oatmeal. I loaded up my hand with a fistful of vitamins, put the entire handful of vitamins in my mouth, took a big gulp of water and swallowed.

TRUST ME when I say this was a VERY BIG MISTAKE.

I quickly realized they weren’t all going to go down.

I drank more water and THAT wouldn’t go down.

No water flow and no air flow.

I tried to cough.


I grabbed my throat knowing I was choking.

I couldn’t call out to my son because…

no air, no sound.


I stepped around the corner of the kitchen to face the living room and banged hard on the wall.

He finally looked over at me and saw the international sign for choking. (if you don’t know it, it’s two hands on your throat. Pretty simple, eh?)


As calm as a Buddhist monk he walked into the kitchen and immediately, AND PERFECTLY I might add, applied the Heimlich maneuver to me. It took several attempts and then the vitamins catapulted out of my throat across the kitchen.

I gasped.

I looked at him acknowledging what MIGHT have happened and what actually DID happen.

He hugged me, looked at me like a wise old soul and said “You ok now, Mom?”

With tears streaming down my face I nodded and hugged him again.

I said, ”You just saved my life. Do you realize that?”

He said, “Yea, ok, just don’t take so many vitamins next time.” Then he walked back into the living room and sat down and watched tv.

I thought to myself. “THAT GUY IS SO COOL! I want to be that cool. What did I do to deserve such a cool son? AND WHERE did he learn the Heimlich?”

He’s a grown young man now and I hope he never has to use it again.

To this day I’ve never taken more than one supplement at a time. (I probably don’t even need all the ones I take !)

Right after the incident I marched down to the nearest Red Cross for renewal of my First Aid, AED and CPR certifications.

I’ve used them more than once.

Most recently for a motorcyclist who crashed on the highway I was traveling.

He lived, too.

© KaZ Cruse Akers