Rules for Writing Poetry

Rules a publisher gave me when writing poetry:

1. Don’t rhyme. It’s out of favor.
2. Left justify. Don’t center.
3. Get away from themes like:
love, sadness or whatever are popular subjects of the day.

Here are the “rules” according to me that have never steered me wrong:

1. Rhyme if the rhyme is good.
2. Do what you like.
Left justify. Right justify. Write in wavy lines. You do you and do it exceptionally.

3. When we are in pain we write some of our most poignant work.
Love, sadness, passion, compassion are never out of fashion.

I may not be a publisher, but I am a published writer.
So I guess doing what feels right for me still works.

You will probably get more rejections than acceptances and
that’s ok.

It makes the acceptances all the more sweet.

© KaZ Cruse Akers