Making meditation ACCESSIBLE for EVERYONE. 

Meditation is NOT just sitting. We don’t need to make it hard or formulaic. 

Every day someone asks me: “How do I meditate?” “How do I restart my practice?” “How do I maintain my practice?” 

The reason? Too many schools of thought make it difficult, strict, and rigid. It doesn’t need to be. 

If you prefer more strict, or formulaic that is fine, BUT it doesn’t necessarily make you better at meditation.

More people STOP meditating than start or continue because it becomes SO MUCH WORK and faltering leads to guilt and avoidance. 

I am six-time certified master meditation teacher, and multi-published author, with 33 years of practice and study, and 23 years of teaching. 

I am also an ardent conservationist and a LOUD voice against ageism at ANY age.  

I currently write for the Spiritual Naturalist Society and will be featured again this year for The Proage Woman Summit.

*Meditation does not replace your health professionals’ advice.*

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