This is meditation from a new perspective.

Meditation practice that is simple, logical, free of pressure, confusion,  gimmicks or “get better fast” promises.  

What happens for you…happens.  

Give Your Brain Some Love.

Brain Hug Meditation is exercises, discussion and life application that is lighthearted AND with substance. 

It’s about having some peace and calm in your life. 

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KaZ’s meditation teachings appears monthly in The Proage Woman Digital Magazine.

The Proage Woman Magazine

Meditation Moments with KaZ appeared on The Proage Woman YouTube Channel as part of their hugely successful The Proage Woman Summit 2023.

Her teaching techniques are derived from years of research, education, multiple teachers, multiple disciplines, principles and modalities.

KaZ’s teachings are simple, short and effective and focus on the breath and gentle movements derived from Qigong – moving meditation and the mother of Tai Chi. 

KaZ is also a published writer, and conservationist.

*Meditation doesn’t replace medication, healthy eating, exercise, required supplements, or your healthcareprofessionals.*