My meditation teaching will appear as The Proage Woman Meditation Moments in The Proage Woman Magazine every month.

The Proage Woman Magazine

The Proage Woman Meditation Moments will appear on The Proage Woman YouTube Channel and The Proage Woman Summit 1-8 March 2023.

I have been a certified meditation master teacher for twenty-two years throughout North America. I have also been a certified third degree Qigong teacher for 10 years. 

My teaching techniques were derived from multiple teachers, disciplines, principles and modalities.

My teachings focus on the breath, “meditation is good for nothing”,  the idea of sitting just to sit, letting go of achieving “no mind”, and that one can reach a meditative state in many situations.  My understanding and ideas on meditation, and the resulting effectiveness for my students, may be different than what many have heard or experienced. I teach outside of the box.

Previous Teaching Locations:
Michael’s House Recovery, Palm Springs, California
Palm Desert Library
San Jacinto High School and Library
Harvard/MIT Humanist Center
Spiritualist Naturalist Society
Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert Adults, Teens, Tweens and Youth
Center For Spiritual Living, Palm Springs
La Quinta Library
Beau Cote Disordered Eating Facility, Bowen Island, British Columbia
The Proage Woman Magazine and YouTube Channel
Compassionate St. Augustine
Compassion In Action
St. John’s Youth Academy Youth and Staff 
Online one-on-one and in groups.
  • Hi KaZ. Thanks again for the lovely experience with you.” 
Therapist, Author, Eating Disorder Facilitator and in recovery.
  • “Class helped me to control my anger. I started being calm. I spent time with myself more. Controlled my impulses. I did exercises in my room. I got so mad one time that I couldn’t sleep. So I just tried to breathe. And then I fell asleep. I’m more mature. My thought process changed. I learned breathing can do something if you pay attention to your breath. Over time I am taking it seriously. It made me wiser, more mature, more mindful. I know I have to work, things aren’t just going to come to me. KaZ is a big-hearted person, she loves all of us. She takes the time out of her life to do it. She has hope for all of us. She has a lot of patience.”
Student, 16, Juvenile Justice Facility.
  • “Recommended you and how amazing the experience with you was
(compared to “just sitting”)”
Meditation Instructor in recovery 
  • “I would like to give KaZ Akers a wholehearted recommendation with any community. KaZ’s passion and joy is so tangible and uplifting that anyone fortunate enough to be in her presence will have a transformational experience and rise to her empowering bright soul!”
M. G. Recovery Teacher, Guide, Meditation Teacher
  • “Everyone Loved having you here. (Me, too!)”
Manager, La Quinta Museum, La Quinta, CA
  • ” KaZ has a deep breadth of knowledge & experience in teaching & practicing allowing her to tap into a variety of approaches. Her enthusiasm & special spirit are infectious and inspirational. We always left our sessions with a sense of inner peace.”
Jan and Eric
  • “I attended your class yesterday and was very impressed.”
Baba V.
  • “We lately have joined the meditation class. We both feel relaxed and happy, and we love your teaching style along with your great personality, we just get a great feeling from the whole package you give. ” 
Sandra F. Palm Desert, California
  • “I feel I should tell you that you figured prominently in my hours of greatest need and pain while I was hospitalized. It was a sudden, shocking, dangerous surgery during which I lost most of my own blood. But I kept hearing you say calming, meditative things. I focused away from what was scaring and hurting me, and just tapped into your energy with every ounce of strength I could muster. It brought forward a thought~ as much as I was begging to pass on to the next Life, there were other patients in the same hospital fighting to take each breath, fighting to live, and it gave me perspective. I never believed our friendship could be of such incredible value to me after 40 years of knowing you. I am not the same person on this side of the experience.”
M.B. actor, singer, survivor.
  • “KaZ is effervescent.”
Wall Street Journal
  • “…when are you coming back?”
High School Student at San Jacinto High School
  • “Kaz…a DREAM come true…a GROUP moving meditation that feels like hOMe to me! Thank you! yes, evening is powerful! Namaste dear!”
Vicki J.
  • “Hi KaZ, I hope you know the value of the work you have done at the Youth Academy to inspire and help enhance the quality of life for the boys is immeasurable.”
Caren Goldman Founder, Compassionate St. Augustine