My Wildlife Life

Throughout my creative life I have taken respite and inspiration by spending time with animals and working with animals.

For me working in different capacities was symbiotic. It gave one part of my brain a break and allowed me to let it rest and rejuvenate.

Wildlife ask for nothing but to have their own habitats, and not be exploited for personal gain, riches and power. Unlike humans, they live without worrying or being in the past or future. Still they ARE sentient beings who in their own way feel, have emotions, think, reason (have you ever had an encounter with an octopus?), and understand.

To take them for granted, to destroy their habitats, to slaughter the rarest of the rare for meat or to showcase on our walls is sending thousands and thousands of species into extinction.

They are ALL a part of a very delicate ecosystem that depends on each and every bee, butterfly, monkey and elephant.

To turn a deaf ear to these creatures is to turn a deaf ear on our own existence.

Here I pay tribute to those incredible animals, flowers and plants that I encounter in my life, in my travels and even in my back yard.

I was lucky to be a veterinary technician while I supported my creative habit. I was also lucky to help care for other people’s animal family, and interact with sharks, whales, dolphins, seals,  beluga whales, sea lions, white tigers, fennec foxes, coati and so many more.

I have been the animal parent to cats, dogs, rats, mice, chinchillas, bearded dragons, and rabbits.  Each one taught me something unique and profound.

I also studied animal communication – which isn’t any kind of mumbo jumbo. Animals communicate telepathically and through facial and body expression. There is no reason we can’t do the same with them given the right training and mindset.

No wonder having a service animal for those in real need of help and support is more popular than ever.

During the isolation of COVID-19  people adopted more animals than ever before for unconditional love, loyalty and companionship.

My BIGGEST hope is that when the pandemic is under control that those precious animal family members are not neglected or discarded because we are able to move freely about the world again.

Hopefully they WILL be seen as family just like our parents, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and best friends. Would you throw away any of them because their “usefulness” had subsided?  I truly hope the answer is no and that they are an integral part of your world for their entire lives.

I continually donate to animal and human causes.  I hope you are able, in your way, through volunteerism, services, and financial or household goods donations to make a contribution to the well-being of your neighborhood, town, city, county, state, country and the world.

The time is now to appreciate our wildlife and human world!

Thank you for being here.